Here's some of our work.


Food ıdeathon

Food, Agriculture and Water Entrepreneurs' Platform in the MENA Region

Food Ideathon builds a platform for food, agriculture, and water (FAW) entrepreneurs to connect and showcase their ideas in MENA region. The challenges we face in the region might be similar to one and another, but solutions and implementation are different and diverse. Therefore, Kök Projekt aims to build the FAW ecosystems with local collaborators to support the sustainability of future of food. The Ideathons will take place in Fall 2018 within eight consecutive weeks, in 8 countries, with a final event in Istanbul, Turkey. The project aims to scale the platform to build local incubation programs.


L.I.F.E. Project

"Livelihoods Innovation through Food Entrepreneurship"

Entrepreneurship, particularly in the food industry, holds tremendous potential as a sustainable source of livelihoods programming and catalyst for job creation. The L.I.F.E. project will focus on enhancing livelihoods among refugees and host communities in Turkey through food entrepreneurship. 

Kök Projekt, as part of the Advisory Council, is responsible for the localization of the curriculum development for food entrepreneurs in Turkey. The incubation centers, FEC's, are located in Istanbul and Gaziantep to support the local food entrepreneurship ecosystems.


Future Agro challenge Turkey

"Revolutionizing the World's Menu"

Future Agro Challenge (FAC) is the largest global initiative that discovers fundable food&agriculture tech, and agriculture innovators from around the world. Kök Projekt collaborates with Endeavor Turkey and The Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey to expand the FAC Global Network to Turkey. 



aŞ Food Co.

Spreading food stories and knowledge through experiences.

The Aş Food Co., deriving its name from the Turkish word for food, is an Istanbul-based part of the Kök Projekt that designs food experiences through a wide variety of services. Not only does Aş Food provides food and brand consulting, creates and coordinates content, it also organises food events such as HR and private events, pop-up dinners, and small-medium scale festivals. The crafts contained in these events combined with the technological knowledge enable us to spread food stories, knowledge, and experiences.



Origınn FoodLab

Stimulating the future of food through research and archiving.

Kök Projekt is currently helping Originn Coworking to set up a functional FoodLab. Originn Coworking provides Turkey’s biggest interdisciplinary co-working space and plays a leading role in the sector by uniting entrepreneurs and designers from all levels. Funded by Yasar University, owned by one of Turkey’s largest food corporations, the FoodLab will research local food cultures to develop an open-sourced archive. The FoodLab facilities will also host entrepreneurs interested in developing their products and market testing them through Originn Coworking's community.



Kök Basmane

Integrating communities and building social infrastructures through food in progress.

Kök Basmane has been designing bridges for food and communities in Izmir’s Basmane district since 2016. The project has already connected Kurdish and Syrian home cooks in the district with the municipality of Izmir, local NGO’s, and funding by UN. In addition to this food-based socio-economic support for the community, the project now aims to establish a licensed food production site as well as a district market.




Empowering immigrant entrepreneurs to become designers of ecosystems.

Deriving its name from a Turkish word for collective work, the İMECE project offers economic support for immigrant entrepreneurs in Turkey. Kök Projekt joined the project, coordinated by the Habitat Association and supported by the UNHCR, in August of 2017. By organising Ecosystem Design Workshops, we train immigrants to create and sustain start-up projects shaping the future of food as well as to provide socio-economic support for integrating communities.




Curating a food focused training program for social good.

Focusing on the notion of "giving back to the community", Kök Projekt collaborates with Impact Hub Istanbul to craft an educational series on food entrepreneurship with the aims of social impact. The program is designed to be open for anyone and everyone who wants to take part on the social impact side of food, which will become an incubation program for eligible startups. 



SALT Food program

Providing a canvas for food stories that innovate, inspire, and connect.

Kök Projekt runs two public programs at the Istanbul-based culture and research institute SALT, which defines itself as: “A venue that stands for innovation.” These programs focus on people and producers to inspire a dialogue between food entrepreneurs and modern urban communities. The Urban Bakers program hosts events where bakers share their stories, explain their craft, and showcase their work, while the Urban Food program invites community representatives to engage in a dialogue and to raise awareness for recent migrant stories.



Food Works lab

Promoting entrepreneurship and meaningful connections through food in progress.

Life Work Labs, part of Joint Idea Istanbul, is a living laboratory that stimulates personal and organisational change by improving professional engagement and finding meaning in work. As a collaborator, the Kök Projekt establishes and coordinates food ecosystems for Life Work Labs. We connect entrepreneurs, provide consulting services, and organise food-focused educational activities.
These unique experiences promote wellness, cooperation and collaboration, entrepreneurial instincts, as well as meaningful human connections in the work place.