We're working on building regenerative and resilient systems. Kök Projekt is a platform for food, agriculture and water entrepreneurs to create solutions on global food challenges.


Our Mission

Kök Projekt is all about the future of food and believes that it is only possible to provide a future for food by adopting a circular approach. Our circular approach helps the product’s journey to continue after consumption.

Kök Projekt is a professional network of food entrepreneurship which brings people with ideas and people with the power to realize these ideas together.

Kök Projekt understands the needs of your entrepreneurship and helps you build the project that will put your ideas in motion.

One of the powerful things about the food issue is that people feel empowered by it. There are so many areas of our life where we feel powerless to change things, but your eating issues are really primal. You decide every day what you’re going to put in your body and what you refuse to put in your body. That’s politics at its most basic.
— Michael Pollan

What We've Achieved

  • Provided food based solutions to Governmental Organisations, NGO's and Private Companies. 
  • Crafted food based solutions for social integration projects. 
  • Organised various events to support the food entrepreneurship ecosystem in Turkey. 
  • Raised awareness towards food, agricultural and water entrepreneurship in Turkey.
  • Expanded global food entrepreneurship networks to Turkey.